How to make money with Google AdSense

When we think about writing a new article, then the first thought is which topic to write. With which to earn good on AdSense.

If you are thinking of creating or starting your new blog, then we are sharing some topics with you. In this post, I am going to tell you about some 30 topics that can help you, and you can earn a good income from AdSense.

Creating a blog website and earning from Google’s AdSense advertising program on it is very easy but some things have to be kept in mind. Just like you have to post on content with AdSense high paying keywords, if you do this then you can really earn more money than AdSense.

I mean some topics on which Google pays more money on AdSense Ads and advertisers pay more on some topics, then some topics are very popular on the Internet, which gets more traffic and clicks.

30 Topics earning more from Google AdSense

If you are looking for such topics from which you can earn more, then we tell you about some such topics, of which you can write a post on any of them.

Best topics for Google AdSense:

  • Insurance Information: AdSense pays the most on insurance-related keywords. Its high CPC is $ 54. Foot clicks can get you up to $ 54. It has very little competition.
  • Finance: You can work on finance tips and tricks.
  • Mortgage Information: You can write a blog specifically on mortgage rates and updates so that people who buy and sell houses can get good information.
  • Bank Loans: How can you take a loan from the bank, what are the documents required in it, what is its process, how and where one get can it easily at the interest rate etc.
  • Health Information: AdSense websites are a very profitable topic. Because health problem is coming very much today, people search its basic information on the internet.
  • Home Treatment: Many diseases are treated at home such as paralysis etc. You can write home remedies about it.
  • Technology: You can give fresh new updates about earning more money from Google AdSense.
  • Fashion: You can share fashion designing, trends, new fashion tips.
  • Sports: Today every youth is interested in sports. You can write about basic sports information.
  •  Diet tips: Apart from the most popular health-related topics, you can also work on food topics like weight loss or weight gain, etc.
  •  News: You can create content on any top news item. If these topics are already at the top, then traffic will get more.
  •  Beauty Tips: Today girls and boys are all interested in beauty, if you also have a heart in it, then you can work on this subject very easily.
  •   Real Estate Information: Real estate topic is best for AdSense website, you can write about your local area.
  •   Fitness Tips: You can write about fitness information and workouts on your blog.
  •   Auto Mobiles: You can give information about automobiles news repairing etc. on your blog or website.
  •   Travel Info: If you are proud of traveling, then you can help them by telling your thoughts to people.
  •   Photography Tips: Many advertisers invest in photography, you can earn even better than this.
  •   Social Media News: You can also write a blog of new information tips and updates for social media users.
  •   Web Design: If you are a website designer and developer, you can earn money by creating website apps according to the needs of the people.
  •    Money-Saving Tips: Sharing money-saving tips, such as telling ways to save money.
  •    Business Tips: You can give your opinion of how to make online business or offline business successful.
  •    Share Market Tips and Tricks: Latest update of Share Market and how to invest, how to trade etc.
  •    Education: Study tips and tricks for a student, how to study, and how much it will cost, etc.
  •    Law and Lawyer Information: Information of the lawyers, lawyers or lawsuit because even today many people do not have complete knowledge of the law.
  •    Farming and Agriculture: If you have the knowledge of farming and agriculture, then you can give information about new machines, seeds, time soil, etc.
  •    Cyber ​​Security: Cybersecurity has a lot of scopes today because today everybody wants safety. But many people are not aware that we can install small devices ourselves. Due to lack of information, we have to call a technician.
  •    Trending Topics: This topic is very important for both You Tuber and Blogger, you can choose the topic that is trending.
  •    Entertainment: You can entertain people with movies downloads, TV shows, comedy videos. Which is trending in the current time or is very popular.
  •    Celebrity News: You can write a blog about Bio celebrity introduction of popular celebrity. Because their fans are more eager to know about them.
  •    Software Information: You can tell about popular software of mobile and windows etc.

In these 30 topics, you can earn good money from Google AdSense by creating your own blog on anyone, if you want to create a blog or website, you can read our post by clicking on the link given below.

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