Top 10 apps Teens use to keep secrets.

Stay informed about any apps that may be of concern. We’ve listed here several apps that are popular with kids but may pose some issues for parents. Teenagers keep some hiding content away from the parent which are mostly.

  • Photo
  • Videos
  • Apps
  • Notepads
  • Diary

Reasons Why Teens Keep Things Away

  • Teens keep teens away from their parent/guardians basically because they don’t want to delete it.
  • They want to have it as a memory but will be remembered by them alone and some of their friends they choose to let them know about it.
  • They know that there parent/guardians won’t allow them to keep such but they want to make it a secret.
  • they’re not sure how they feel about it yet and just don’t want to share it.
  • They are been kept due to the content or action.
  • They keep some app which is forbidden by their parent/guardians and will not be allowed by their parents/guardians.

Apps Use to Keeps Secret

  • Applock
  • Smart Applock
  • Perfect Applock
  • Photo vault
  • Lock it
  • Privacy Applock
  • Hip
  • Calculator+
  • Snapchat
  • Omegle
  • Tinder
  • Kik Massenger

Make Use of the Secret Apps

Most of the apps have they own specific ways of operating them and activating them as well which are different from each other, they are like vaults that require a unique code to open, They are like padlocks that require a key before it opens up but the big thing is almost the apps are invincible when they are activated so they require a dial code to reveal them back, so let call them a spirit that needs a spell to bring it back, The teenagers are the magician that only know the code.

Ways to open/reveal the apps

  • Dial Code
  • Password
  • Pin
  • Fingerprint
  • Face Login
  • Voice Login

Most importantly depends on the devices use to know how the app is lock, If it does not have a fingerprint it can’t be locked by a fingerprint, but the best way to know is to go to where apps are stored and check the app use.

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