How to create a professional email signature?

We spend much time to create an interesting subject line to the email to grab the recipient’s attention; less time to write the main message; and when it comes to finishing it we get tired and lose steam. This way our email looks unbalanced. If the recipient opens it and reads to the end, they notice that the writer’s concern about the email fades down with each sentence. Based on this, the recipient forms the opinion about you or your brand.

How to create a free email signature

In order to make people love your emails, you have to work equally hard at its every part. You can simply cope with the subject line and the text without any additional tools. However, if you want the email signature to look professional, well-designed and eye-catching, you can’t go without a free email signature generator.

Why you need an email signature?

Professionalism A good email signature is only a part of the whole email. Subject lines, texts and messages, and style are important for an effective email. However, if all these elements are accompanied by a poorly designed signature, it will display your unprofessional performance. Make sure your email is complete, and all elements are on their places, including the HTML email signature.

Brand awareness creating a distinctive signature is essential for brand promotion. Every email you send – no matter what the topic and message are will display your brand and associate the email with your company and your product.

Respect Every time you write an email, you do that with a specific purpose, and you expect the recipient to take some action after reading it. That is why you should respect the recipient’s time and create emails that are easy to read and include only valuable information. Not to overload the person with too many details in the email body, simply move it to the HTML email signature. It might be the link to your website or data about upcoming events.

Connection Email signature allows you to provide the recipient with contact information without including it in the email body. The possibility to quickly contact the person without looking for a specific email is the biggest benefit. Because each email has contact details like a phone number, additional email address, links to social media, and others.

How to design a perfect email signature?

If you aren’t a programmer or professional designer, it won’t be easy to create an email signature without any technical knowledge or useful tools who are not technically educated, you will get a well-designed email signature without any coding. Create a Signature

Create a professional email signature in easy steps

To make it easy for you, I have prepared a brief guide on how to create a good email signature with My Signature. Just follow the steps below to do everything right.

  • First of all, you have to sign up for My Signature or log in to your account if you already have it.
  • Once you’re logged in, go to your Dashboard and click the New Signature button.
  • After clicking New Signature, you will see the table with 5 tabs: General, Images, Social, Add-ons, and Design.
  • Fill in the form in the General tab by indicating your name, company, position, website, Skype (all information you want to be included in the HTML email signature);
  • Go to the Images tab to add a logo/banner or any other image you need, adjust its shape and width.
  • In the Social tab, choose the icons for social media you need to be displayed in the HTML email signature and add the links.
  • Add a disclaimer by going to the Add-ons tab.
  • In the last tab, choose the design of your future HTML email signature. In My Signature library, we have multiple templates, so you will definitely find the one that suits your needs.
  • Click Finish to leave the editor. On the right, you can now preview the HTML signature you have created. 
  • Choose to copy the email signature to the clipboard to further insert it in your email account settings or copy below.

These five steps might look scary, but they aren’t. The process is straightforward, I just tried to describe in details how you can create a professional email signature without being a coder. Enjoy!

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