How to start a blogging

How to start a blogging Step-by-step instruction.  

  • Register a domain name and hosting.
  • Design your blog.
  • Start Creating Useful Content
  • Add posts and pages.
  • Start growing your blog.

Can you even start blogs on WordPress? And is free?

  • Is free to use.
  • Doesn’t let you pick a custom domain name (i.e.
  • Has very limited monetization options (you can’t sell your own ads)
  • Doesn’t let you upload plugins (for email capture and other things)
  • Has limited theme support so you’re stuck with very basic designs
  • You have to pay to remove WordPress branding
  • Limited SEO and analytics

  • Fully customizable design, unlimited plugin options, and no branding
  • Total control over your own monetization efforts
  • Powerful SEO features (so people can find your site easier)
  • Let’s start or add an eCommerce store or membership site.

But, I strongly recommend setting up a self-hosted WordPress site for your blog as it’s the most sustainable, long-term solution—and really the only option worth considering if you’re starting a blog with the eventual goal of making money from your website in some way, shape or form.

The biggest mistake is that new bloggers do this that they buy cheap Domain Name and Hosting, which they have to face many problems. So if you want to blog correctly, then do not go cheap, buy from GoDaddy, HostGator, or Bluehost. And to become a successful blogger you must first be training from the internet or before YouTube.

Pick the right name for your blog

The name you choose is one of the more important parts of setting up your blog. This is the first thing people see when you show up in search results and can often tell them about who you are, what you’re writing about, and even your personality.

Design your blog.

Create your blog design simple and easy to read.

Installing new WordPress plugins/features

Making your blog search engine friendly

If you’ve set up your blog, you’re now ready to start using WordPress and customizing your blog. I promise – it’ll be pretty easy and fun at the same time.

 Start Creating Useful Content

A blog is not a blog without content so once you’ve set your blog up you need to focus your attention upon creating useful content. What you choose to create will depend a little on the topic that you choose to write about.

Start growing your blog.

Here’s how to put a basic blog content strategy together:

  1. Define your goal for your blog.

What do you want to achieve with your blog content? Is it to drive traffic and get readers? To get people to sign up for your email newsletter? To get them to download a book you wrote or some other resource?

This goal might change as you start to build your blog, but it’s still important to know it early on. As prolific blogger and marketing guru Seth Go din explains:

  1. Really get to know your readers.

Your readers determine whether or not your blog is successful. And to write for them, you need to really understand them—which is why it helps if you’re also writing for yourself. This guarantees at least an audience of one.

you’re going to be your ideal reader, which makes this whole process easier. But in almost every case, it’s useful to do a bit of research around the audience you’re writing for (heck, you might even learn something about yourself!)

To start, you want to think about the demographics and psychographics of your ideal audience:

  • Demographics: The quantitative traits of your readers. Think, age, gender, location, job title, etc..
  • Psycho-graphics: The more “un-measurable” traits like values, interests, attitude, and belief systems.
Publish and Promote Your Posts

The key thing here is to experiment and see what works for you.

Each social network naturally appeals to a certain niche and a certain type of reader. This is a pretty broad statement, but generally speaking, here’s what works best on each social platform:

Facebook:  Videos and curated content

Instagram: High-res photos, quotes, and Stories

Twitter:  News, blog posts, and GIF s

LinkedIn:  Professional content and career news

Pinterest:  Infographics, step-by-step photo guides, visual content

Google+:  Blog posts you want to rank well on Google

Reddit:  Comments about topics in your post

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