How to change WiFi password

Here we will learn how to change the name and password of the Wi-Fi Router. The network name is called an SSID, as if the router is D-Link, its Wi-Fi name will also be D-Link, most people are not satisfied with the name given by the company. So we start, we have divided it into 3 parts.

Let’s start step by step

  • Logging in to the Wi-Fi Router.
  • Access the router to a web page.
  • Change the Wi-Fi name and password of the wireless router.

Logging in to the Wi-Fi Router.

First we have to check the gateway of the router, usually, it is and

If you do not know the gateway and you are using a PC or laptop, first connect your router to your PC via LAN cable. Now go to the command prompt. To open a command prompt, press Windows + R and type “cmd” and press enter.

See examples below: –

Now you will see the cmd screen. On the cmd window, type ipconfig and press enter. Now you will see or something else in front of it, “Default Gateway”, this is your Router IP.

Now we have the Route IP. So we will type into the URL of the browser that we will go into the browser.

Access the router to a web page.

You will now be asked for the router’s username and password for logging. You enter the username and password and then click Login.

To know the username and password you will see the rear side of the router, you will show the default username and password of the router. If you are not getting a username and password then you click here.

Change the Wi-Fi name and password of the wireless router.

After logging in to the router, after clicking on Wireless, then clicking Basic Wireless settings, you will now be shown Network Name (SSID). You can change the name of your WiFi and click Save Settings.

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